Excellent program for keeping track of inventory


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FullTrust is the ideal solution to a store’s stock and inventory needs and point of sale management for any business with these kinds of needs.

The program comes with a complete administration environment containing a lateral navigation menu that stands out from where you can access any of the program’s features with just a click.

The two fields that stand out the most in FullTrust are Administration and Inventory. In both, many options are included so you can manage with upmost ease your clients, providers, prices, storehouse, or available product. You can even generate different graphics to carry out a more detailed analysis of sales according to when the points of sale are made.

Apart from this, with FullTrust you can also manage the different POS that exist, enabling as many cash registers as you want and recording the necessary data in reference to the corresponding vender.

When launching the program it will ask you for a user name and password. By default, you must type "admin" in both fields.


Windows XP, Vista or 7
At least 1 GB of RAM
500 MB available on hard drive
The user that does the installation must have administration privileges.
UAC must be deactivated.


The importing of product, client, and provider data assistants has been updated. Now they are much more intuitive and infinitely more easy to use. In the inventory adjustment window there is the ability to generate the Excel form that will be needed to count the data, which is very useful if a massive adjustment or initial loading of stock is going to be performed. In the point of sale it is now possible to edit non-cataloged products that have been placed on sale while before you had to delete them and re-add them. From now on, point of sale will open automatically. The only requirement for this to work is that there must be a determined seller and point of sale by default. If not, the program will take charge of reminding the user.


Demo version limited to 21-day trial.

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